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Certified GeneTool aims to provide life science researchers with certified, refurbished biotech instruments, enabling researchers to access the best technology solutions available with limited budget. Every instrument has been inspected, calibrated and certified before it is rolled out of the door. We also offer installation and service support for selected instruments.

Questions? Please contact us: info@cgenetool.com

New Arrival

Axon 4200A 4-laser scanner

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ABI 3100
Real Time PCR
ABI 7900
ABI 7500
ABI 9700 PCR
ABI 2700 PCR
Eppendorf MasterCycler Gradient
Beckman TLX120

Beckman J25I
Imaging System

Amersham storm 860

Axon GenePix 4200A; 4000B; 4000A
ABI 3900 High-Throughput DNA Synthesizer

Liquid Handling

Packard MultiPROBE II HT EX (8-probe), or 4-probe

Plate Reader
MD SpectraMax250
Gemni XS, VersaMax, UV Max, Thermal Max; BioRad UltraMark

Agilent BioAnalyzer 2100
Agilent 1100 HPLC GE AKTA Prime

New Inventory(call for details)
Mass Spec (Voyage DE-STR), Top Counter, Mettler Balance, Plate Sealer, Savant Speed Vac, Incubator/Oven, BioMek96, ABI377

ABI PRISM® 310 Genetic Analyzer

ABI 7000

CFX96, Chromo4
I-Cycler, Opticon-2

PTC200 / PTC100
MJ PTC 240 (Tetrad-2)
MJ PTC 225 (Tetrad)

Optima XE-90
Optima L-90K
LE-80K, XL-90

Beckman Allegra X-15

Beckman Rotors

GE Typhoon 8600, 9410, TRIO, TRIO Plus
ABI 394 DNA Synthesizer
Hamilton Microlab 4200 8-channel, 96-channel

PE EnVision 2100 or 2101, Victor 2-V, TopCounter
Arcturus Eengineering Pixcell II Laser Capture Microdissection

contact us for details: info@cgenetool.com

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