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ÄKTApilot chromatography system is a bench-top process development and production system based on the ÄKTA design platform. Its columns are designed for use with SOURCE 15 ion exchange, SOURCE 30 ion exchange, reversed phase chromatography resins, and hydrophobic interactions. The instrument’s hydraulic packing is outstanding in its efficiency levels. –Supports Intelligent Packing of AxiChrom Columns: for predictable column performance. Fully Re-furbished, calibration / alignment to factory standard. *Certified with 90-day warranty (US and Canada ONLY)


Hygienic designEnables purification of microbiologic and contaminant-free products and convenient cleaning validation.
High dynamic capacityFlow capacity 4 to 400 ml/min with 0-100% gradient, and 4 to 800 ml/min flow with limited gradient. Possible to purify 10 g product per cycle.
Fast and convenient start to every purificationMethod wizard for easy programming. Preprogrammed cleaning method and column lists. –Pressure regulation of flow rate at sample application and column packing.
Validation supportIQ/OQ documentation available. UNICORN supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for electronic signature and electronic records.
Bench-top designFits in small areas, easily moved and serviced.