Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Company: Certified Genetool Inc. 

Job Title: Electrical Engineer

Location: Pleasanton, CA

Position: Full Time

Education: Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering 

Wages: $ 129,501 /yr

Job Duties: 

-Perform electronic circuits analysis and system diagnosis on CGenetool's medical instrument products

-Create and implement new system control codes and hardware components for update and certification

-Troubleshoot any malfunctioning or error of the instruments by isolating different modules and bases

-Direct electrical technicians on inspection, testing and repair procedures and standards

For Qualifications: 

Required qualification - Master in Electrical Engineering

Preferred qualifications: 

- Academic knowledge in PCB design, schematic level analysis, industrial testing process including optical and thermal features of products

-Participation in database management and proficiency in relate programming languages like C++

-Good communication skill and can work as a team with departments including warehouse management and more

Mail resume to Certified Genetool Inc., 7074 Commerce Cir, Suite A, Pleasanton, CA 94588