Our Accuri Gen 1 had to be replaced as BD can now longer service it. We had no redundancy in the lab for flow cytometry. Lori McDonald of Certified GeneTool Inc. found us a replacement Accri Gen 2 and provided QC bead tests after it’s last PM, and before shipping so that we could compare with our installation. She accomplished all this in less than a week and arranged for 2day delivery. Can’t ask for more than that. GeneTool has knowledgeable technical people and they were helpful in assessing issues with our current instrument….. 
Getting older Accuri cytometers repaired can be a nightmare. BD charges exorbitant prices or refuses to do it. I am so grateful to Mr. George Qian for efficiently and effectively repairing one of our cytometers so it could immediately go back into the field. George clearly explained his (correct!) diagnosis of the problem, repaired the broken parts, and went above and beyond by cleaning the valves, which are so often at risk of failure on these instruments since BD started making them. Pricing was fair and the entire process was pleasant, clear and effective. George at Certified Genetool is the one person I can wholeheartedly recommend for instrument repair.... Barb C.