By Ana Lo | June 4, 2024 | 1st Edition

For over 17 years, Certified Genetool, Inc. has been a leading supplier of certified laboratory instruments, serving the scientific community with distinction. Under the leadership of co-founder and President Brian Qian, our dedication to providing high-quality instruments worldwide has enabled researchers to access cutting-edge technology, even on limited budgets. This commitment has cemented our reputation as a trusted partner for laboratories, research facilities, and educational institutions globally.

Our Dedicated and Highly Experienced Team

At Certified Genetool, Inc., our clients benefit from the expertise and dedication of our exceptional team of technicians and sales team, who manage accounts globally.


Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in refurbishing, certifying, and maintaining laboratory equipment. Their rigorous training and extensive knowledge of OEM specifications ensure top-quality performance, supporting researchers worldwide with precise and reliable instruments. Their expertise in complex installations, calibrations, and repairs keeps lab operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Sales Account Managers:

Our sales account managers are highly experienced in the bioscience field and deeply understand our clients' unique needs. They provide personalized service and support, helping clients find the right equipment solutions to meet their research goals and budget. By building strong, long-term relationships and offering insightful advice, they ensure our clients receive the best possible solutions and support.

Together, our team of technicians and sales account managers is committed to ensuring that every client receives top-tier service and support, fostering innovation and advancement in the scientific community.

At Certified Genetool, Inc., we prioritize quality, reliability, and affordability. Our range of services is designed to support scientific advancements and innovation in research:

Our Services

1. Warranty for Lab Instruments:

We offer warranties of up to one year on selected instruments, ensuring peace of mind and reliability for our customers.

2. Certification of Lab Instruments:

Each instrument is certified to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications and complies with relevant standards, guaranteeing top-tier performance and safety.

3. Installation of Lab Instruments:

We provide comprehensive installation services tailored to the complexity of the instrument. From basic setups to full installations involving calibration, software configuration, and performance verification, our team ensures your equipment is ready for optimal operation.

4. Service Repairs for Lab Instruments:

Our repair services address issues, malfunctions, and damage, restoring equipment to proper functionality. This includes a range of tasks from simple fixes to complex overhauls, depending on the problem and equipment type.

5. Service Contracts on Lab Instruments:

We offer service contracts that cover maintenance, repairs, and support for your lab equipment. These contracts are customizable to specific instruments and customer needs, providing ongoing reliability and support.

Commitment to Sustainability

In addition to our quality services, Certified Genetool, Inc., is committed to sustainability. By refurbishing and certifying laboratory equipment, we help reduce electronic waste and conserve resources, supporting a greener future for scientific research.

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