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The LI-COR Odyssey Western Blot Imager is an infrared (IR) laser-based instrumentation that is able to detect without the need for film, a darkroom, or any chemiluminescent substrates. Using infrared fluorescent signals that are directly proportional to the amount of target protein, LI-COR Odyssey can accurately and reproducibly measure changes in protein levels via ratiometric detection. In fact, the platform is able to detect both faint and strong bands within a single image, without signal saturation. The LI-COR imager yields very low background fluorescence, which enables detection of low-picogram targets with NIR fluorescence, as well as low abundance proteins at endogenous levels. It also enables the detection of two targets simultaneously on the same membrane, which greatly increases the accuracy of quantification and provides for more robust comparison. The LI-COR Odyssey Western blot Imager delivers quantitative accuracy for target protein detection by using the platform’s infrared technology to match or exceed chemiluminescent detection sensitivity.