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The Odyssey CLx Infrared Imaging System contains two lasers; one emitting at 785 nm, and one at 685 nm. The 685 nm laser emits visible laser radiation – direct exposure to either beam may cause eye damage. Laser radiation is emitted through apertures at the top of the Odyssey CLx microscope assembly. Because the microscope assembly moves in both planes relative to the glass scanning surface, laser radiation could be focused at any position on this surface. Safety interlocks (described below) automatically turn the lasers off when the Odyssey CLx lid is opened. The Odyssey CLx is the next generation of the Odyssey Classic, the most trusted and established standard in quantitative Western blot technology. The most flexible and multifunctional platform of the Odyssey imaging systems which accommodates a wide variety of applications and has the largest imaging surface of all Odyssey imaging systems (25 cm x 25 cm), accommodating up to six microtiter plates