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The iCycler system redefines the standard for laboratory thermal cyclers. Today’s laboratory requires instruments that provide intuitive programming, a small footprint, flexible assay formats, and high throughput — all at areasonable price. With the flexibility to expand to real-time PCR applications, the iCycler thermal cycler satisfies even the most demanding laboratory requirements. Key Features •Intuitive User Interface Large 5.7 VGA screen with both graphic and text descriptions •Alphanumeric entry for protocol and file names •User-specific profiles and protocol folders organize assays for multiple applications or large laboratories •Run completion summary reports and detailed validation •reports confirm instrument performance •Help screens and reference lists for specific PCR applications Multiply Your Options •Multiple temperature control methods for increased assay flexibility •Direct upgrade path to convert your thermal cycler into a real-time PCR system •Interchangeable reaction modules for extensive application flexibility Fully Re-furbished, calibration / alignment to factory standard. 90 day warranty.