Becton Dickinson X-20 LSRFortessa with 5 lasers and HTS


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This 5 laser BD Biosciences LSRFortessa X-20 Cell Analyzer with HTS comes certified with 90-day warranty. Computer loaded with software is also included. We can customize the Fortessa according to your needs. Please contact us for more information. 2017 BD LSRFortessa X-20 Cell Analyzer with HTS includes: Fortessa Laser configurations: Laser Filter – Blue 488 nm 60 mW laser Blue 488/10; 530/30 505LP; 710/50 685LP, – Red 640 nm 40 mW laser Red 670/30; 730/45 690LP; 780/60 750LP, – Violet 405 nm 50 mW laser Violet 450/50; 525/50 505LP; 610/20 600LP; 670/30 635LP; 710/50685LP; 780/60 750LP,

- Yellow-Green nm (561 nm)

586/15 610/20 710/50 780/60

- Ultra Violet nm

379/29 670/30 (Position B) - Configuration Filter 730/45

The BD Fortessa is a flow cytometer that is widely used in life science research for analyzing and sorting cells based on their physical and/or fluorescent properties. Flow cytometry is a powerful technique that allows for the simultaneous analysis of multiple cellular parameters at the single-cell level, including cell size, shape, and fluorescence intensity. The BD Fortessa flow cytometer is known for its advanced optical design, high sensitivity, and flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in fields such as immunology, cancer research, stem cell research, and microbiology, among others.


ManufacturerBecton Dickinson
ModelLSRFortessa X-20
Accessories includePower Conditioner, BD High Throughput Sampler, HP Z240 CPU, (2) Monitors, BD Facsflow Supply System, Tobar Industries Computer Desk