Thermo Fisher Scientific Quantstudio 7 Flex


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Currently available is the QuantStudio 7 Flex Real-Time PCR System from Applied Biosystems/ Thermo Fisher.  This unit comes fully certified prior to shipping.  It comes with a computer pre-loaded with software and a 90-day warranty.  96 and 384 well blocks available.

With a simplified workflow, intuitive software, automation capabilities, and touch-screen interface, the QuantStudio7 Flex system offers exceptional reproducibility with minimal well-to-well and instrument-to-instrument variation.

Features of the QuantStudio 7 Flex Real-Time PCR System include: • Increased application versatility through the accommodation of 4 different block types • Compatible with over 8 million TaqMan® assays for gene expression, genetic variation, gene regulation, or protein expression experiments • The intelligent design of the QuantStudio™ platform combined with Applied Biosystems® instrument reliability and accuracy


ManufacturerThermo Fisher Scientific
ModelQuantstudio 7 Flex
Stock Number13492631