ThermoFisher KingFisher Flex

ThermoFisher KingFisher Flex

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We have several 2020 Kingfisher Flex units available. These units Prepare samples efficiently from a variety of materials, which offers highly versatile, automated magnetic-particle processing for DNA/RNA, protein, or cell purification from virtually any source. Using revolutionary magnetic particle separation technology, this system provides excellent reproducibility and quality.

PCR plate (20–100 µL), skirted (or similar skirted PCR plate)

20–200 µL: 96-well plate

50–1,000 µL: 96 deep-well plate

200–5,000 µL: 24 deep-well plate

These come certified with a 90-day warranty.


ManufacturerThermoFisher Scientific
ModelKingFisher Flex
Stock Number13400802