MD Spectramax iD5 Plate Reader

MD Spectramax iD5 Plate Reader

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This Molecular Devices SpectraMax iD5 Microplate Reader is made in Oct. 2018.

It combines the sensitivities of filters with the convenience of a monochromator to provide the complete laboratory solution  with absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), and tunable fluorescence polarization (FP) read modes.

The iD series models are a new generation of plate readers from MD as compared to SpetraMax M2, M2e, SpectraMax M5 or M5e.

MD iD5 Features:


--Fluorescence (top/bottom read)

--Luminescence (top/bottom read)

--Time-Resolved Fluorescence (top/bottom read)

--Fluorescence Polarization (top/bottom read)

--HTRF (top/bottom read)



--Western blot

--Temperature control

--Plate shaking

This unit comes certified with a 90-day warranty.


ManufacturerMolecular Device