Biacore 8K from Cytiva

Biacore 8K from Cytiva

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The Biacore 8K is a high-throughput, high-sensitivity SPR system. This unit is certified and comes with a 90-day warranty (US/Canada).

Key Features:

This system enables efficient screening, characterization, process optimization, and quality control of small molecules and biotherapeutics.

  • Single solution for interaction analysis allowing ranking, kinetics, affinity, epitope binning, concentration, and relative potency
  • Screens 2300 molecules in a day
  • High-quality kinetic characterization of 64 interactions in 4 h
  • High sample capacity of up to 4 × 384-well microplates
  • 60 h unattended runtime with queueing capability and rapid multirun evaluations


ModelBiacore 8k