BD Biosciences FACSymphony A5 Cell Analyzer


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The FACSymphony is a high-performance instrument used for Flow cytometry.  This BD FACSymphony A5 is equipped with 5 lasers:  (Red- 637nm,  Blue- 488nm, Violet 405nm, Yellow-Green 561nm, UV 355nm) 28-color  system (5-7-3-5-8) .  This unit comes fully certified with a 90-day warranty.  

The BD FACSymphony A5 Cell Analyzers leverage the inherent benefits of flow cytometry and enable the simultaneous detection of up to 50 parameters and has more than 25 laser wavelength options. Instruments are highly customizable to meet your research priorities and can be configured to meet your needs today with room for growth tomorrow.

Harness the power of the full BD solution to reach deeper insights with state-of-the-art analyzers, a portfolio of bright dyes, specialized technical support and high-dimensional analysis tools.

Cell Analyzer data include t-SNE, OptSNE, UMAP, TriMAP and EmbedSOM

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ManufacturerBD Biosciences
ModelFACSymphony A5 Cell Analyzer
Stock Number13385533