Thermo Fisher Scientific Attune NXT - 2 Laser


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Manufactured in 2018, we have 2 lasers Attune NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer-  Blue: 488 nM (50 mW) and Red: 637 nM (100 mW)

The complete system includes Auto Sampler, a computer loaded with software. The system is re-certified by OEM trained service engineer.

Attune Flow Cytometers are compact, benchtop cell analyzers that can be configured with up to four spatially separated lasers to flexibly design, run, and analyze panels of up to 14 colors. Unique, powerful acoustic technology avoids clogging and dramatically reduces cell preparation and processing time even for troublesome large cells and dissociated tissue masses. The systems attain sample throughput rates of 1,000 µL/min, ten times faster than traditional cytometers without compromising data integrity. Attune Cytometric Software makes the system easy to use with an optional module for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

The Attune CytPix model includes a high-speed brightfield camera that helps you visually confirm that your gates contain cells of interest and discover relevant morphology.


ManufacturerThermo Fisher Scientific
ModelAttune NXT