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GE OligoPilot 400


Pleasanton, CA


This instrument was manufactured in 2007 and comes certified with a 90-day warranty.  The GE/ Cytiva OligoPilot 400 is designed to produce hundreds of grams oligonucleotides for early to mid-clinical trials, covering a range of 4 to 60 mmol. The production volume is higher than OligoPilot 100, but lower than the OligoPilot 600, OligoPilot 800. With the speed of coupling, one lot can easily be produced per day. Maintaining well-trained staff, using efficient standard operating procedures (SOPs) and secure supply it can be part of a manufacturing train producing in the range of >50 kg/year. Using shifts the capacity can be multiplied. OligoPilot 400 is used by oligonucleotide pharma and leading suppliers of therapeutic oligonucleotide active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) globally. Seamless scale-up from ÄKTA oligopilot plus and to OligoProcess systems. Same UNICORN control software as ÄKTA oligopilot and OligoProcess and other BioProcess instruments.


ModelOligoPilot 400
Stock Number14424356