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The iQue 3 is a high-throughput flow cytometer and screening platform developed by Intellicyt, a leading provider of innovative solutions for cell analysis and screening. The iQue 3 combines flow cytometry, imaging, and microplate reading capabilities, making it a versatile and powerful instrument for a wide range of applications in drug discovery, immunology, oncology, and other fields of life sciences research.

The iQue 3 is known for its unique design, which allows for fast and efficient processing of large sample volumes, making it ideal for high-throughput screening applications. It can analyze up to 96 samples in parallel, making it suitable for screening large compound libraries or performing high-content cell analysis. The instrument uses a combination of laser-based flow cytometry and imaging to provide quantitative data on cellular characteristics, such as cell size, shape, and molecular markers, in a high-throughput manner.

One of the key features of the iQue 3 is its proprietary ForeCyt software, which offers powerful data analysis and visualization tools for flow cytometry and imaging data. The software includes advanced data analysis algorithms, automated gating options, and customizable data reporting capabilities, allowing researchers to efficiently analyze and interpret their results.

The iQue 3 is commonly used in drug discovery and screening applications, such as high-throughput screening of compound libraries for drug candidate identification, assessment of cellular responses to drugs or other perturbations, and profiling of cellular phenotypes in disease models. Its high-throughput capabilities, combined with its advanced features and user-friendly software, make it a valuable tool for accelerating research and drug discovery efforts in the life sciences field. This Sartorius Intellicyt IQue 3 Screener is a 2 laser system manufactured in 2020. *Certified with 90-day warranty (US and Canada ONLY)


ModelIQue 3