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"Uncle" is a protein analysis and characterization system developed by Unchained Labs, a company that provides innovative solutions for the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Uncle is an automated platform designed to streamline the process of protein stability and aggregation analysis, which are critical steps in the development of biologic drugs.

Uncle is a high-throughput system that uses microfluidics and microscale technology to analyze protein samples for stability, aggregation, and other key characteristics. It can rapidly screen multiple protein samples in parallel, providing data on protein aggregation, thermal stability, and other biophysical properties. The system uses a combination of fluorescence and UV-Vis spectroscopy to measure protein samples, and it can handle a wide range of sample types, including monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, and other protein-based therapeutics.

Uncle is known for its ability to provide fast, accurate, and reproducible results, making it a valuable tool for biopharmaceutical companies and research laboratories involved in protein formulation, process development, and characterization. The system is user-friendly, with intuitive software that allows for data analysis and reporting, and it is designed to be easily integrated into existing workflows. Uncle is aimed at accelerating the development of biologic drugs and improving the efficiency of protein characterization, helping researchers and scientists make informed decisions during the drug development process.

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