Beckman Vi-Cell BLU Cell Viability Analyzer


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The Beckman Vi-Cell BLU is a sophisticated automated cell viability analyzer and cell counter used in life sciences research, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and clinical laboratories. It is manufactured by Beckman Coulter, a leading company in the field of biomedical testing and diagnostics.

The Vi-Cell BLU is designed to accurately determine the concentration and viability of mammalian cells, such as cultured cells, stem cells, and primary cells, in a fast and automated manner. It utilizes the trypan blue dye exclusion method, which stains non-viable cells while excluding viable cells, allowing for accurate determination of cell viability.

Some key features of the Beckman Vi-Cell BLU include a high-resolution camera for capturing clear images of cells, an intuitive touch-screen interface for easy operation, and the ability to analyze a wide range of cell sizes and concentrations. It also offers advanced data management capabilities, including data export and reporting options, making it suitable for a variety of cell counting and viability analysis applications.

The Vi-Cell BLU is commonly used in research and biopharmaceutical laboratories for applications such as cell culture monitoring, cell-based assays, drug discovery, and cell therapy manufacturing, where accurate and reliable cell counting and viability assessment are crucial for experimental success.

This unit comes certified with a 90-day warranty (US/Canada). Contact us for more details.