Forte Bio Octet HTX Label-Free BLI Detection System


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The Octet HTX instrument revolutionizes biosensor-based detection with its unparalleled speed and versatility. With the capability to monitor up to 96 biosensors simultaneously, this cutting-edge system enables label-free protein quantitation and kinetic characterization like never before.

One of the standout features of the Octet HTX is its flexibility in assay design, allowing for optimal analytical throughput or sensitivity. Whether you need to read 8, 16, 32, 48, or all 96 wells in parallel, the Octet HTX has you covered. With rapid whole-plate detection in the 96 biosensor mode, you can obtain quantitation data for 96 samples in as little as 2 minutes or conduct full plate kinetic screening in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods that take hours.

The Octet HTX also offers high sensitivity in the 8 and 16 biosensor modes, making it ideal for measuring small molecule binding interactions and protein quantitation down to 50 ng/mL. For larger complex assays such as epitope binning or multi-step quantitation, the 32 or 48 biosensor modes allow for quick analysis, minimizing assay time while maximizing results.

The Octet HTX system excels in a variety of applications that leverage its unique strengths, including epitope binning experiments, off-rate ranking, and titer concentration. By combining speed, sensitivity, and versatility, the Octet HTX sets a new standard in biosensor-based detection, empowering researchers with unprecedented capabilities for protein analysis.

This unit comes certified with a 90-day warranty (US/Canada). A computer preloaded with software is also included.


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