No longer available

Agilent Tapestation 4150 Bioanalyzer


Pleasanton, CA


The TapeStation 4150 is a type of analytical instrument commonly used in molecular biology and genomics research to assess the quality and quantity of DNA, RNA, and protein samples. It is manufactured by Agilent Technologies, a leading provider of analytical instruments for life sciences.

The TapeStation 4150 utilizes a technique called capillary electrophoresis, which involves the separation of charged molecules, such as DNA, RNA, or protein, based on their size and charge. The instrument uses disposable plastic chips, known as TapeStation chips, which contain an electrophoresis gel matrix and small channels where the samples are loaded. The samples are then subjected to an electric field, causing the molecules to migrate through the gel matrix based on their size. As the molecules pass through a detection window, the instrument measures the fluorescence emitted by the samples, which is proportional to the amount of DNA, RNA, or protein present in the sample. This allows researchers to obtain quantitative and qualitative information about the integrity, size distribution, and concentration of their nucleic acid or protein samples.

The TapeStation 4150 is commonly used for applications such as DNA and RNA fragment analysis, size determination of PCR products, quantification of DNA and RNA libraries for next-generation sequencing, and protein analysis. It provides high-resolution and reproducible results, allowing researchers to assess the quality of their samples and make informed decisions for downstream applications in areas such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and molecular diagnostics.

This system comes certified with a 90-day warranty. A computer preloaded with software, and a vortexer are also included.