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The BD FACSJazz Flow Cytometer is a cutting-edge analytical instrument used in the field of flow cytometry for the analysis of cells and particles. Manufactured by BD Biosciences, a leading provider of flow cytometry solutions, the BD FACSJazz offers advanced features for multi-parameter cell analysis with high sensitivity and resolution.

The BD FACSJazz Flow Cytometer uses the principles of flow cytometry, which involves the measurement of physical and/or chemical characteristics of individual cells or particles as they pass through a laser-based detection system. Cells or particles are labeled with fluorescent probes, also known as fluorophores, that bind to specific molecules or structures of interest, allowing for their identification and quantification. The instrument measures the fluorescence intensity emitted by the labeled cells or particles, as well as other parameters such as forward scatter (FSC) and side scatter (SSC), which provide information about the size and granularity of the particles, respectively.

The BD FACSJazz is known for its versatility and flexibility, offering a wide range of features and capabilities for flow cytometry analysis. Some of the key features of the BD FACSJazz Flow Cytometer include:

  1. Multicolor Analysis: The BD FACSJazz can analyze multiple fluorescent markers simultaneously, allowing researchers to study complex cellular populations and identify different cell types or subpopulations based on their unique fluorescence signatures.
  2. High Sensitivity: The BD FACSJazz has high sensitivity detectors, enabling the detection of dimly fluorescent cells or particles, which is particularly useful for rare cell analysis or detection of low-abundance markers.
  3. Automation: The BD FACSJazz is equipped with an automated sample loader that can process samples in 96-well or 384-well plates, enabling high-throughput analysis and increasing experimental efficiency.
  4. User-friendly Software: The BD FACSJazz comes with intuitive and powerful software for data acquisition and analysis, making it easy to set up experiments, collect data, and perform sophisticated data analysis.
  5. Modular Design: The BD FACSJazz has a modular design, allowing researchers to customize the instrument with additional options such as a high-throughput sampler, a temperature control module, or an aerosol management system, to suit their specific research needs.

The BD FACSJazz Flow Cytometer is widely used in a variety of research areas, including immunology, cancer research, stem cell research, drug discovery, and clinical diagnostics, to analyze and characterize cellular populations, study cell function, and gain insights into disease mechanisms.

This unit comes certified with a 90- day warranty. A computer preloaded with software is also included. Contact us for more details.


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