BioMicroLab XL9 Tube Handler

BioMicroLab XL9 Tube Handler

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The BioMicroLab XL9 tube handler is for 1.40 mL Micronic tubes in racks. This Sorts and weighs non-coded or 2D Data-Matrix tubes. Sort and weigh tubes automatically. The XL9 Tube Sorting System automates the transfer of tubes from up to nine 96-tube racks, simplifying compound library management, sample preparation, assay sorting, and other processing procedures.

The XL9 brings commercial scale tube handling to the bench top, including bar-coded rack setup and detailed log files. The Windows-based control software has an easy to use, intuitive interface.

An analytical balance provides automated weighing of each tube and adds the information to the log files.


ManufacturerBioMicroLab XL9 Tube Handler