ForteBio BLitz Label-Free Protein Analysis System


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The BLItz system for label-free assays is designed for benchtop protein analysis and characterization

The BLItz system uses ForteBio's Dip and Read™ label-free assays. These direct binding assays take place on a disposable biosensor made from a biocompatible matrix that is uniform, non-denaturing, and minimizes non-specific binding. Only molecules that bind directly to the biosensor surace are detected, providing high specificy, even in complex mixtures. A variety of disposable biosensors are available to run a wide range of assays.

Use only a 4 µl drop of sample for diverse assays such as monitoring binding interactions, quantifying expression, analyzing column fractions, and even developing optimized immunoassays. The BLItz is an affordably-priced system with a simplified workflow to determine rate and affinity constants in minutes. Able to detect analytes in lysates or media, the BLItz system detects the presence or absence of protein and measures concentrations in seconds to minutes, compared to much longer gel and blot-based methods.


ManufacturerForteBio BLitz Label-Free Protein Analysis System