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The ThermoFisher Scientific Ion S5XL is a next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform that belongs to the Ion Torrent sequencing family. This system is designed to provide high-throughput, scalable, and cost-effective sequencing solutions for various research and clinical applications.

Key features and capabilities of the Ion S5XL include:

  1. Scalability: The Ion S5XL platform offers scalability in terms of throughput, allowing researchers to choose from different chip sizes (530, 540, and 550) based on the required sequencing capacity.
  2. Speed: It provides rapid sequencing results, allowing for quicker turnaround times in experiments.
  3. Flexibility: The system supports a range of applications, including targeted sequencing, whole-genome sequencing, exome sequencing, amplicon sequencing, and more.
  4. Sensitivity: It can detect variants, mutations, and rare alleles with high sensitivity.
  5. Workflow Integration: The Ion S5XL is part of an integrated workflow, which includes library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis software, streamlining the entire process.
  6. Accuracy: It offers reliable sequencing results with low error rates, contributing to high-quality data output.

The Ion S5XL is utilized in various research settings, including genetics, oncology, microbiology, and other fields where DNA sequencing is fundamental for understanding genetic variations, identifying mutations, and studying various biological phenomena at the molecular level. ThermoFisher Scientific continually upgrades and improves its sequencing platforms to enhance performance, accuracy, and usability for researchers and clinicians in their genetic studies.

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ManufacturerThermoFisher Scientific Ion S5XL NGS Sequencer - Certified with Warranty