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The GE/Amersham Typhoon 9400 is an advanced imaging system that delivers exceptional performance and versatility for scientific research. Our systems are certified by our trained technician, ensuring reliable and consistent results. Each unit is bundled with a computer loaded with software and includes a 90-day warranty (applicable only in the US). Our machines will meet manufacturer's specifications. References from satisfied buyers can be provided upon request.

Key Features:

- High-Resolution Imaging

- Multiple Laser Options

- Wide Dynamic Range

- Versatile Sample Compatibility

- User-Friendly Interface

The Typhoon 9400 supports various imaging modes, including gel imaging, blot imaging, and array analysis, catering to a wide range of research applications. With its high-resolution capabilities and sensitive detection, this system provides exceptional image quality and precise signal detection.

Equipped with multiple laser options, the Typhoon 9400 allows researchers to select the appropriate excitation sources for specific fluorophores and imaging requirements. This flexibility enhances experimental design and ensures accurate and reliable results.

The wide dynamic range of the Typhoon 9400 enables the detection of both weak and strong signals, providing accurate quantification across a broad range of sample concentrations. This feature is particularly valuable for applications such as DNA/RNA analysis, protein quantification, and western blot imaging.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Typhoon 9400 accommodates various sample formats and sizes, offering compatibility with gels, blots, arrays, and other sample types. This versatility allows researchers to address diverse experimental needs and conduct comprehensive analyses.

The user-friendly interface and intuitive software of the Typhoon 9400 streamline operation and simplify data analysis. Researchers can easily optimize imaging parameters, analyze images, and generate publication-ready results. The system also supports advanced image analysis tools, facilitating quantitative analysis and spot detection.

For pricing and availability information, please feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in selecting the optimal Typhoon 9400 configuration to elevate your research efforts.


ManufacturerGE/ Amersham Typhoon 9400 - Certified with Warranty