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The Bio-Rad ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System is a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the imaging and analysis needs of modern laboratories. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, this system delivers exceptional performance and versatility for a wide range of applications.

The ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System ensures reliable and accurate results. Our systems are certified by our trained technician, ensuring reliable performance. Each unit is bundled with a computer loaded with software and comes with a 90-day warranty (applicable only in the US). Our machines will meet manufacturer's specifications. References from satisfied buyers are available upon request.

Key Features:

- High-Resolution Imaging

- Wide Dynamic Range

- Versatile Imaging Modes

- Automated Image Capture

- Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

The ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System offers high-resolution imaging capabilities, enabling clear visualization of your samples. Whether you're analyzing protein gels, nucleic acids, or Western blots, this system provides exceptional image quality for accurate interpretation and analysis.

With its wide dynamic range, the ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System can accurately detect and quantify signals across a broad range of sample concentrations. This feature is essential for applications that involve a wide range of protein expression levels or nucleic acid concentrations.

The system supports various imaging modes, including chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and colorimetric detection, allowing you to choose the optimal mode for your specific experimental needs. Whether you're performing Western blotting, gel documentation, or DNA/RNA analysis, the ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System provides the flexibility required for diverse research applications.

The automated image capture feature of the ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System simplifies and expedites the imaging process. With a single touch, you can acquire high-quality images, saving time and ensuring consistent results. The system also offers advanced image analysis tools for quantification, sizing, and normalization, streamlining data analysis and interpretation.

The ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System features an intuitive touchscreen interface, making it easy to navigate through the software and access various functions. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth workflow and enables researchers of all experience levels to achieve accurate and reproducible results.

For more information regarding pricing and availability, please contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in selecting the optimal ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System configuration to enhance your research capabilities.


ManufacturerBio-Rad ChemiDoc Touch - Certified with Warranty