No longer available

New Brunswick BioFlo 110


Pleasanton, CA


The BioFlo 110 was the premier bioreactor system for New Brunswick, and offers all of the monitoring and action items one would require with a bioreactor system. Multiple peristaltic pump for feed additions and pH control, monitoring of all the major parameters typically required for bioreactor systems, and a strong motor for proper agitation. This cost effective system is the perfect solution for a start up lab in need of basic bioreaction processes.


ManufacturerNew Brunswick
ModelBioFlo 110
Heating TypesWater jacketed or Heating Blanket
Agitation50-1200 rpm
Temperature Range5° C above ambient - 70° C
Paristaltic Pumps4
DO Range0-100%
pH Range2-12
Vessel TypesSingle or Dual wall vessels