New Brunswick BioFlo 110

New Brunswick BioFlo 110

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The BioFlo 110 was the premier bioreactor system for New Brunswick, and offers all of the monitoring and action items one would require with a bioreactor system. Multiple peristaltic pump for feed additions and pH control, monitoring of all the major parameters typically required for bioreactor systems, and a strong motor for proper agitation. This cost effective system is the perfect solution for a start up lab in need of basic bioreaction processes.


ManufacturerNew Brunswick
ModelBioFlo 110
Heating TypesWater jacketed or Heating Blanket
Agitation50-1200 rpm
Temperature Range5° C above ambient - 70° C
Paristaltic Pumps4
DO Range0-100%
pH Range2-12
Vessel TypesSingle or Dual wall vessels