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In Stock, is the Avanti J-15R IVD refrigerated centrifuge with a manufacture date of 2023.

The Avanti J-15R IVD is a refrigerated laboratory centrifuge manufactured by Beckman Coulter, a well-known company in the field of laboratory equipment and diagnostics. The "IVD" designation indicates that this centrifuge is suitable for in vitro diagnostic applications, such as clinical and medical laboratory testing. It is designed for the separation of biological samples, such as blood, serum, plasma, and other fluids, at controlled temperatures.

Key features and specifications of the Avanti J-15R IVD refrigerated centrifuge may include:

  1. Refrigeration: This centrifuge has a built-in refrigeration system to maintain the temperature of the samples during centrifugation. This is crucial for preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive samples.
  2. Speed and Capacity: It is capable of achieving high speeds and accommodating various rotor types and tube sizes, allowing for a wide range of sample volumes and applications.
  3. Touchscreen Interface: The centrifuge typically features an easy-to-use touchscreen interface for programming and monitoring centrifugation cycles.
  4. Safety Features: The Avanti J-15R IVD often includes safety features such as lid locks and imbalance detection to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  5. Multiple Rotor Options: Various rotor options are available to suit different types of samples, including fixed-angle rotors, swinging bucket rotors, and microplate rotors.
  6. Programmable Profiles: It allows users to create and store custom centrifugation profiles for specific applications and protocols.
  7. Compatibility: The centrifuge is compatible with a range of accessories and adapters to accommodate a variety of tube and container types.
  8. IVD Certification: The "IVD" designation indicates that this centrifuge is certified for in vitro diagnostic use, meeting specific quality and regulatory standards required for clinical and medical laboratory applications.


ManufacturerBeckman Avanti J-15R -Certified with Warranty