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The Beckman i7 Liquid Handler is a laboratory automation system developed by Beckman Coulter, a leading manufacturer of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment. This liquid handling system is designed to streamline and automate various liquid handling tasks in research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic laboratories. Here are some key features and capabilities of the Beckman i7 Liquid Handler:

  • Precision Liquid Handling: The i7 Liquid Handler offers precise and accurate liquid handling capabilities, allowing for the transfer of liquids in microliter or nanoliter volumes. This accuracy is essential for applications such as high-throughput screening, genomics, and proteomics research.
  • Modularity: It is a modular system, meaning users can customize it to meet their specific workflow requirements. Modules can be added or removed to accommodate various liquid handling tasks and plate formats.
  • Flexible Deck Configuration: The system's deck can be configured with various labware, including microplates, reservoirs, and tube racks, allowing for flexibility in sample processing.
  • Software Control: The i7 Liquid Handler is typically controlled by user-friendly software that enables users to design and execute liquid handling protocols with ease. The software also provides scheduling and tracking capabilities.
  • Automation: Automation capabilities reduce the need for manual pipetting, minimizing the risk of human errors and improving the reproducibility of experiments.
  • Application Versatility: It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including sample preparation for next-generation sequencing (NGS), PCR setup, assay development, compound screening, and more.
  • High Throughput: The system's speed and accuracy make it well-suited for high-throughput applications, allowing laboratories to process a large number of samples efficiently.
  • Quality Control: Built-in quality control features help ensure the accuracy and reliability of liquid handling operations.
  • Integration: The Beckman i7 Liquid Handler can be integrated into larger laboratory automation systems for seamless workflow coordination.
  • Support and Service: Beckman Coulter provides training, support, and maintenance services to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of the instrument.

Laboratories often rely on liquid handling systems like the Beckman i7 to increase efficiency, reduce the potential for errors, and accelerate scientific research and analysis. The specific capabilities and configurations of the i7 may vary depending on the model and application for which it is used.


ManufacturerBeckman Coulter