Agilent 1290 Infinity II -- Certified with Warranty


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The Agilent Technologies 1290 Infinity II LC System is an ultra-high performance liquid chromatography instrument (UHPLC) that has market-leading sample capacity and is designed for the lowest dispersion for the most challenging UHPLC experiments. 

This ultra HPLC system is designed to be both a HPLC and high-end UHPLC system in a single flow path, giving you robust and excellent performance no matter what application you are running while seamlessly integrating into your existing laboratory environment.

This 1290 Infinity II system includes these modules: 

G7167B Multisampler, G7120 A High Speed Pump, G7115A DAD WR, G7116B MCT. It has the high end DAD WR detector.

The system will be certified before shipping, with 90 day warranty in North America. 


ManufacturerAgilent 1290 Infinity II -- Certified with Warranty