Quantstudio DX Real-time PCR


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USED for COVID-19 testing. This Quantstudio DX comes certified with 90- day warranty (US/Canada). Computer loaded with software included. 

Very Similar to the Quantstudio 7 model. 

Performance you can trust

The QuantStudio Dx instrument’s proven performance, security, and reliability—combined with the outstanding sensitivity and specificity of real-time PCR—help you deliver the right answers that help with providing better outcomes.

Flexibility you want

In Test Development Mode, the QuantStudio Dx instrument enables the creation of new assays in 96-or 384-well plates, and qPCR Microfluidic Card formats provide easily interchangeable thermal cycling blocks to accommodate your lab’s throughput assay development. The 96-well fast block can be used in IVD mode.

Security you demand

The QuantStudio Dx Software enables you to maintain secure access to instruments, specify user access to various software functions, record all actions completed by users, and sign data electronically. In addition, the onboard software for the QuantStudio Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument assists with compliance for 21 CFR Part 11.

Flexible software designed to meet your needs

Have confidence in an instrument that helps ensure compliance for fully regulated laboratories in the United States and Europe.* QuantStudio Dx Software runs IVD tests in a secure mode with set parameters for run and analysis.

In test development mode, the flexible QuantStudio Dx Software enables you to create new assays and perform clinical research using the 96-well standard and Fast blocks, the 384-well block, or the qPCR microfluidic card block.†,‡ You can also use the proprietary Applied Biosystems qPCR microfluidic card to perform 8 x 48 simultaneous reactions without the need for liquid-handling robots.


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