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Available is a Biacore 8k+ manufactured in 2019. Please inquire for more details. The unit will be certified by a previously GE trained engineer and will be up to OEM specs. Computer included. 90-day warranty for domestic buyers.

Biacore™ 8K+ is an eight needle, high-sensitivity SPR system. With it, you can measure 16 interactions to rapidly extract data on kinetics and affinity. Its high capacity can bring you results up to eight times faster than single-needle systems. The combination of flexibility and throughput reduces the experiment cycle time, even for complex targets and new drug formats such as bispecific antibodies.

Biacore™ 8K+ is your single solution for interaction analysis in both screening and characterization. It can analyze samples from the smallest fragments to large multidomain proteins, even in crude matrices.

Outstanding sample capacity

The sample hotel of Biacore™ 8K+ accommodates up to six trays. Each tray can hold two microplates, which translates to a maximum unattended run capacity of 4608 samples.


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