Bio-Rad ZE5 Cell Analyzer / Flow Cytometer - 5 Laser 27 Color - Certified with Warranty


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The ZE5 Cell Analyzer comes certified with 90 day warranty. A computer preloaded with software is also included. For more information please contact us.

Introducing the ZE5 Cell Analyzer, a cutting-edge flow cytometer engineered to adapt to a diverse array of experimental demands and throughput requirements:

- Versatile functionality accommodates both simple and intricate workflows, supporting experiments with up to 30 parameters.

- Designed for accessibility, catering to flow cytometry newcomers while offering seasoned professionals unmatched flexibility.

- Engineered for seamless operation, maximizing instrument uptime in busy core labs:

 - Integrated features such as on-board fluidics, cleaner and QC beads ensure consistent performance.

 - Fluid and reagent hot swap capability facilitates uninterrupted experimentation.

 - Automated startup and QC streamline processes for efficiency.

- Enjoy true walk-away functionality with a fully integrated sample loader:

 - Handles tubes or plates without requiring hardware adjustments.

 - Includes sample agitation and temperature control for optimal conditions.

 - Accommodates various tube and plate formats, including 96-well and 384-well standard and deep well plates.

- Powered by five spatially separated excitation lasers:

 - 355 nm (UV)

 - 405 nm (violet)

 - 488 nm (blue)

 - 561 nm (yellow-green)

 - 640 nm (red)

Experience unparalleled adaptability and performance with the ZE5 Cell Analyzer, revolutionizing flow cytometry experimentation.


ManufacturerBio-Rad ZE5 Cell Analyzer / Flow Cytometer - 5 Laser 27 Color - Certified with Warranty