BD FACSymphony A5 SE Cell Analyzer - Certified with Warranty


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The BD FACSymphony™ A5 SE Cell Analyzer provides the following capabilities:

1. Obtain full visible spectrum coverage for capturing all emitted light, eliminating the necessity for filter changes. This enhances dye flexibility and supports a greater number of simultaneous colors.

2. Perform live spectral data unmixing within BD FACSDiva™ Software while maintaining a familiar compensation workflow.

3. Enhance resolution for challenging cells and populations through autofluorescence unmixing.

4. Enable spectral capabilities on your BD FACSymphony™ A5 instrument by utilizing the A5 SE upgrade kit.

5. Opt for either spectral or compensation-based workflows, facilitated by meticulous optical design and enhanced software functionality.


ManufacturerBD FACSymphony A5 SE Cell Analyzer - Certified with Warranty